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©2009 Stare North. All rights reserved. For more info: steve@starenorth.com
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Welcome to www.starenorth.com, the official Stare North Web site. This original Columbus rock band bands site features show schedule, picture galleries, band member bios, original music, latest news, mailing list sign up, booking information, and more.

Stare North ( or stareNorth) is currently promoting a debut CD entitled Discourse -- released March 2009. Any original songs found on this site can be purchased at live performances. All material ©Stare North 2009.

Stare North consists of Cory (Colin) Hutchinson on vocals (and Jagermeister), Dave (David) Manring on guitar (and Jack Daniels), Steve Matthews on drums (and Rumplemintz) and Ted Spradling on bass. Formerly known as Armada , Don't Give Up the Ship ©1992

Discourse: Love of my life, One Regret, Not a Day Goes By, Yesterday, Label Me, Everything to Me, Beyond the Fire, Mojmir Lives Here, Back to You, Here and Now, Let Me Love You

The Stare North philosophy on Cover Tunes... Since the beginning, Stare North (originally Armada) has tried to make their live performances as much fun for the audience as they are for the band. By playing a mixture of original music and cover tunes, we hope those in the audience who have never seen Stare North before will enjoy hearing songs they know and can relate to.

Cover list (in no logical order): Hemorrhage (In my Hands)-Fuel, Cult of Personality-Living Colour, You-Candlebox, Higher, Last Breath-Creed, Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana, Lovin' Touchin' And Squeezin'-Journey, Machine Head-Bush, Down with the Sickness and Prayer -Disturbed, Welcome to the Jungle-Guns-n-Roses, Signs-Tesla, Last Kiss-Pearl Jam, Spirit of Radio-Rush, Desperately Wanting-Better than Ezra, Far Behind-Candlebox, How You Remind Me-Nickelback, Duck & Run-3 Doors Down, Magic Power-Triumph, Mandy (Armada Version)-Barry Manilow, Waiting On A Moment-Lifehouse, Anyway You Want It-Journey, Closer to the Heart-Rush, Basket Case-Green Day, Right Now-SR71, Little Suzie-Tesla, Trees-Rush, Paradise City-Guns-n-Roses, Get a Job-Offspring, Friends in Low Places (Drunk Armada Version)-Garth Brooks, Selling the Drama-Live, Red Barchetta-Rush, Modern Day Cowboy-Tesla, I Don't Believe in Love-Queensryche, 2112/Temples of Syrinx-Rush, Sweet Child-Guns-n-Roses, Lights-Journey, Carry On My Wayward Son-Kansas, Limelight and Tom Sawyer-Rush, Stone In Love-Journey, T-N-T (Drunk Armada Version)-AC/DC, plus songs from Hoobastank-Running Away, Tool, Girl all the bad guys want - Bowling for soup, When I'm gone - 3 Doors Down, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Good Charlotte, My own worst enemy - Lit, sex, I Hate Everything About you -Three days grace, Meant to live - Switchfoot, Open your eyes - Alter Bridge, 80's tribute: Quit Riot, Ozzy Ozbourne, White Lion, Tesla, Autograph, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Poison, Crossfade - Cold, Saliva - Click, Click, Boom, Sugar, we're goin' down - Fall Out Boys, Helena - My Chemical Romance, Scars - Papa Roach, Let the bodies hit the floor - Drowning Pool, Animal I Have Become - Three 3 Days Grace, Stupid Girl - Cold

Venues: Whiskey Dicks, Whiskey Dick's, Iron Pony, Half Time Tavern, Tony's Bar & Grill, LUX, Crown, Lazy Chameleon, Kickstands Pub, Woo Doggies, Kickstands, Kickstand Pub, The Pub in Gahann, Callahans, Callahan's, Arena District