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Stare North
Ted Spradling:bassDave Manring:guitar Steve Matthews:drums Cory Hutchinson:vocals

Stare North is a Columbus-based, high-energy rock band performing a mix of original and cover material. They produce an original style of music; blending heavy guitar, intricate bass and guitar lines, intertwined with dynamic drumming and intelligent, high-powered lyrics. Stare North is currently releasing a full-length CD due February 2009.

The Stare North philosophy on Cover Tunes...
Since the beginning Stare North has tried to make live performances as much fun for the audience as they are for the band. By playing a mixture of original music and popular covers, Stare North hopes those in the audience who have never seen the band before will enjoy hearing songs they know and can relate to. Click here for a list of songs covered by Stare North.