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The Stare North philosophy on Cover Tunes...
Since the beginning we have tried to make our live performances as much fun for the audience as they are for us. By playing a mixture of original music and cover tunes, we hope those in the audience who have never seen Stare North before will enjoy hearing songs they know and can relate to.

Song requests? email steve@starenorth.com

Don't Stop Believin'   Journey
All Summer Long   Kid Rock
Far Behind   Candlebox
Stupid Girl   Cold
Cult of Personality   Living Colour
Higher   Creed
Girl All the Bad Guys Want   Bowling For Soup
Spirit of Radio   Rush
Guns-n-Roses Medley   Sweet Child/Welcome to the Jungle/Paradise City
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor   Drowning Pool
Animal I Have Become   3 Days Grace
You   Candlebox
Journey Medley   Stone In Love/Lovin' Touchin' And Squeezin'/Lights/Anyway You Want It
Drift Away (Stare North version)   Rewritten by just about everybody
Rush Medley   Closer to the Heart/Subdivisions/Temples of Syrinx/
Tom Sawyer/Working Man
Cold   Crossfade
80's Medley   Whitesnake - Autograph - Poison - White Lion - Motley Crew - Ozzy Ozbourne - Queensryche - Fastway
Down with the Sickness   Disturbed
1985   Bowling for Soup
Click, Click, BOOM   Saliva
Meant to Live   Switchfoot
When I'm gone   3 Doors Down
Machine Head   Bush
Last Breath   Creed
Pain   3 Days Grace
Voices   Disturbed
My Hero   Foo Fighters
Right Now   SR71
Hemorrhage (In my Hands)   Fuel
Hanging By A Moment   Lifehouse
Sugar, we're goin' down   Fall Out Boys
Smells Like Teen Spirit   Nirvana
Last Kiss (Stare North version)   Pearl Jam
Desperately Wanting   Better than Ezra
Mandy (Y2K Version)   Barry Manilow
Remedy   Seether
Basket Case   Green Day
Summer of '69   Bryan Adams